Edward Laurence

I'm an Ai research scientist at Hectiq.ai. Located in Qu├ębec.

Interests and expertise

Graph analysis

I've been working with graphs since 2014 and I've been following the rise of Ai on graphs since its onset. My expertise is both rooted into a deep theoretical and practical view, brought by my graduate studies in graphs and my participation into a large-scale use of Ai on graphs with Voxmedia.


Segmentation has been an authentic leitmotif of multiple industrial projects that I've worked on. I've been joggling and building up 1D (time series), 2D (images), 3D (volume), and sparse (graphs) models to achieve instance segmentation.

Time series analysis

Time series are complex creatures as their nature dictates so many of their properties. It's an infinite field for analysis. I've been working with correlated time series on graphs (imagine that each element of a graph is a sensor interacting with other sensors) and independent analysis as well (heartbeat, rainfall time series), including forecasting, segmentation, and characterisation.

Data visualization

Communicating results through images and animations is a continuous challenge for researchers. I like to work through it using different visualizations and coding tools. My most useful viz assets that I use for many years include D3.js, Bokeh, Matplotlib, and Inkscape.