• Release of a fast image converter

    I’ve created a Github repo to host the code for the fast networks generator. It basicaly reads real images (portrait, animal) and converts it to networks. Check out the project page.

  • The Inconceivable Simplicity of Complex Networks

    Each year, the physics department at Université Laval organizes an oral presentation competition for graduate students. The main goal is to present to undergraduate students a broad overview of the research domains in the department. The undergraduate students evaluate the presentations based on the visual aspect, the speaker presence, the...

  • Three new papers in Phys. Rev. E

    The papers entitled “Exact analytical solution of irreversible binary dynamics on network”, “Geometric evolution of complex networks”, and “Phase transition of the susceptible-infected-susceptible dynamics on time-varying configuration model networks” have been accepted and published in Phys. Rev. E.

    The latter is a game-changer paper that describes transitions of the SIS...


    My Garmin watch face has just hit a new major step! For the occasion, I’ve created a unique background header for this post. Enjoy!

  • New website!

    My personal website has been updated with a new architecture and design. The website is in jekyll and the theme is adapted from centrarium. I’ve erased the posts before March 2017.

    In the news page, I’ve placed an animation (made with d3.js and may not work on all...