• Three new papers in Phys. Rev. E

    The papers entitled “Exact analytical solution of irreversible binary dynamics on network”, “Geometric evolution of complex networks”, and “Phase transition of the susceptible-infected-susceptible dynamics on time-varying configuration model networks” have been accepted and published in Phys. Rev. E.

    The latter is a game-changer paper that describes transitions of the SIS...


    My Garmin watch face has just hit a new major step! For the occasion, I’ve created a unique background header for this post. Enjoy!

  • New website!

    My personal website has been updated with a new architecture and design. The website is in jekyll and the theme is adapted from centrarium. I’ve erased the posts before March 2017.

    In the news page, I’ve placed an animation (made with d3.js and may not work on all...

  • Exact solution of binary dynamics

    I’m proud to release a paper called Exact analytical solution of irreversible binary dynamics on networks. Our contribution is analytic and numerical in nature. We obtain an analytical solution to cascade dynamics and propose an algorithm to solve the equations as efficiently as possible. We made available the code...

  • Annual Sentinel North Conference

    After weeks of work, my study of the networks of Sentinel North has finally been presented by Patrick Desrosiers at the annual Sentinel North conference. I also had the opportunity to give a blitz talk of three minutes, a unique opportunity to practice communication skills.