• Exact solution of binary dynamics

    I’m proud to release a paper called Exact analytical solution of irreversible binary dynamics on networks. Our contribution is analytic and numerical in nature. We obtain an analytical solution to cascade dynamics and propose an algorithm to solve the equations as efficiently as possible. We made available the code...

  • Annual Sentinel North Conference

    After weeks of work, my study of the networks of Sentinel North has finally been presented by Patrick Desrosiers at the annual Sentinel North conference. I also had the opportunity to give a blitz talk of three minutes, a unique opportunity to practice communication skills.

  • CINQ summer school

    On May 15 and 16, I was assisting a summer school on the connectivity of the brain. The Domain Cataraqui has been well chosen to host the school and provided a quiet environment.


    On the same day of my doctorate exam, I was awarded a scholarship by Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies to pursue my PhD. This scholarship is awarded based on the research track record of the candidates, as well as the quality and originality of...

  • Doctoral exam

    On Friday, I have completed my doctoral exam. The evaluation is based on two documents presenting my future research, and an oral presentation. I can now continue and pursue active research.