Work in progress!

How it works

Benevolas is an iOS app where user can do volunteering in their neighborhood. Three options are offered:
  1. Give time or objects to others
  2. Share objects
  3. Ask other users for help or objects
After a post is created, other users can answer the post. For example, Alice has a large yard and she needs some help. Using the app, Alice will request help to maintain her yard. Bob, who lives in a tiny apartment, would love to help its neighbors and have some time outside during summer. He will accept the post and help her gardening her yard.
The design has been done using the software Sketch. All the views are real so they will probably change for the best before the official launch.
Post is now online!
Real example view of what the user sees when the post is online. Each post contains a title, a description, a location and a type. Users can also set a date and add photos to the post.

Programming languages and development

Server side Front end Design
Node.jsSwift 4Sketch
aws SDKAlamofireZeplin