The plugin is no longer available.


Serum is supposed to be a fake new detector. The project originally started during the 2016 American elections. So I thought that using network science we could do something about fake news. I recruited a bunch of awesome developers and sellers for a weekend of hacking.

At the end of the hackothon, we went up with a prototype fully functional and online. The background algorithm was tested, and everything was ready for deployment. However, we didn't push it to the real users, so the excitement went down and we left the project.

How it works

  1. Users download the chrome plugin.
  2. Users vote on the source quality of the website they are consulting.
  3. The algorithm combines all the data and gives a fake news rating to the website.
The algorithm is based on user reputation. To vote, the user must be connected. So each time a user votes, the website rating is updated as well as the user reputation. So, the algorithm was able to easily detect trolls.

Serum website
We have built a website (shutdown) in Ruby to showcase the product.
The google chrome plugin
Real example if the google chrome plugin. This view drops when you click on the serum icon in the browser toolbar. At the top, you have the rating of the website and even a More button so you have access to statistics.

Programming languages and development

Server side Front end
Kitura (Swift server)Google Analytics
Simple Spark (sending email)Google Store
Sinatra (Basic ruby website)